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New Houses

New Construction Homes

Home inspections on new construction are equally as important as on resale home. New construction homes can have defects and problems that are easily corrected when found ahead of time. When a home inspection is not performed it can lead to significant and costly problems in the future.

Why Does a New Construction Home Need An Inspection?

New homes are sometimes more sought after than resale homes. There is a popular, but often misleading, belief that new homes are perfect and do not need work or maintenance. There are a lot of new homes being built around the Austin area and even reputable builders can unknowingly overlook hidden problems. 


Building codes are minimal building standards and will vary from city to city and state to state. Building code inspectors work for the city or county and have a set of building codes that are minimal building standards in order for the owner to obtain occupancy.


With a professional and seasoned home inspector you can have peace of mind that your new home will be inspected thoroughly with guidelines that are set by the Texas Real Estate Commission. Home Inspectors have to be licensed in the state of Texas and adhere to strict guidelines.

Once your home is complete we can provide a detailed home inspection report for you to present to the builder with any findings that need to be addressed and corrected before closing. It is a lot easier to get the problems fixed before closing rather than after closing. 

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